FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Simply open the capsule into small glass of warm water and drink.

In addition to the online program and capsules, we offer medical retreats in Los Cabos, BCS (Mexico) for month-long intensives where our experts design a personalized treatment plan for patients recovering from complex, chronic illness or requiring deep medical restoration. For more information click here.

Prescription medications alter the gut microbiome. Chorus is unlike anything else. It is specifically engineered to help your microbiome thrive based on any specific stressors it encounters. We also included herbs which address stresses caused by alcohol, the Standard American Diet, infections, and the particular way that many medications influence your microbiome. We chose botanicals which are time-tested and evidence-based to help repair the gut via biphasic regulatory systems so they can help you feel comfortable again.

Chorus is totally different than a probiotic

Probiotics don't typically settle permanently in your gut and must be taken constantly in order to retain benefits.

. Imagine air dropping thousands of tropical plants in Antarctica. It would temporarily feel like a jungle, but the climate would quickly kill them off. The same is true of beneficial bacteria in a gut damaged by medication, infection, stress or the Standard American Diet. Probiotics do a poor job of regulating temperature, moisture, and pressure which are what allow certain forms of life to persist.

Chorus improves these growing conditions in your GI tract so that your innate healthy flora can thrive.

Chorus helps to terraform your biome allowing those new probiotic species a better chance to survive long term.

Many patients on prescription medications are chemically blocked from restoring the healthy metabolic energy and fluid balance needed to maintain a healthy weight. Chorus is the key that unlocks your body’s natural metabolic pathways to free you from the grasp of a chemically frozen metabolism.

It is not appropriate for true celiac disease, although it is fine for gluten sensitive people.

We do too! The reality of life is that diets aren’t meant to be strict or perfect. We all need to indulge now and then and social eating with loved ones or at restaurants should be part of a happy life. While we hope you’ll eat a healthy, balanced diet most of the time, we’ve designed Chorus to help you digest a “real world” diet and enjoy a beautiful life.

Many patients find that, while taking one or two medications, they are able to maintain their health. But as they are given more and more prescriptions they fall into a downward spiral of side effects and new conditions. With Chorus you can enjoy the medical benefits of your much-needed prescriptions while reducing side effects enough to find peace and joy in healthy living again. 


  1. Fu Ling - Poria
  2. Huo Xiang - Agastache
  3. Shan Zha - Crataegus
  4. Yi Yi Ren - Coix seed
  5. Cang Zhu - Red atractylodes
  6. Ge Gen - Kudzu
  7. Shen Qu - Massa Fermentata
  8. Bai Zhi - Angelica Dahuricae
  9. Mu Xiang - Auklandia
  10. Gu Ya - Rice malt
  11. Tian Hua Fen - Tricosanthes
  12. Hua Ju Hong - Citrus peel
  13. Bo He - Mint
  14. Gou Teng - Uncaria
  15. Shi Chang Pu - Acorus
  16. Bai Ji Li - Tribulus

Bloating, cramps or fatigue after eating

"Irritable Bowel"

Brain Fog

Mucus or Undigested food in stools

Food Sensitivities including Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (it's not for celiacs though)

Nausea or Poor Appetite due to excess damp

9 Signs that Chorus Capsules are not for you

  1. Your digestion is worse with regular movement or exercise.
  2. Stomach pain that feels better with heavy pressure.
  3. Stomach pain that worsens after a bowel movement.
  4. A tongue that is bright red without coating and night sweats. (more about tongues)
  5. You struggle with Anorexia or you regularly Fast for 48 hours or longer.
  6. Shortness of breath.
  7. Dizziness upon standing
  8. Pregnant or nursing
  9. True Celiac disease (not gluten sensitivity)

Our Guarantee

Let’s take away the risks.

Although our product has been life-changing for MOST of our patients, we recognize that nothing works for everyone. That's why we're committed to taking the risk out of bringing Chorus into your life.

When you subscribe to Chorus Capsules, you can try it risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t notice any positive changes in your digestion, let us know and you’ll receive a full refund (terms).

With over 1000 clinics in more than 15 countries, we can connect you with an extraordinary professional who speaks your preferred language and is located in your time zone.

We value your trust in us and want to ensure you receive the help you need, even if it's not from us. Does that sound fair? If so, let's get started.