How to tell if Chorus isn’t for you

This is one of many ideal tongues for Chorus

It’s a time-honored method of getting a snapshot of the state of your body, especially your microbiome, which is where Chorus works.

While lots of great information can be gleaned from the tongue, today we just want to know two things:

  1. does your tongue have no coating (aka fur) or does it have a coating?

  2. Is your tongue bright a bright red “crimson” color?

If your answer to both of those questions was Yes, and you also have night sweats, Chorus is not for you.


The coating of the tongue is reflective of the state of your microbiome as it relates to moisture, temperature, and mucus production. Most people who will be looking for Chorus will have a thick tongue coating; as many of these medications, especially when taken with the “standard American diet” and lifestyle, will create a microbiome rich in candida yeast species and overgrown with biofilm (the natural mucus that lines our digestive system).

Both of these things - yeast and biofilm - are normal and healthy to have in our bodies; but when they grow out of control can be associated with the development of many chronic health conditions, especially digestive upset like bloating and irregular bowel movements, brain fog and fatigue.

The thick tongue coatings show that moisture levels in the body are generally too high - called “dampness” by traditional systems of medicine - and that the microbiome may be producing too much mucus for optimal health.

About tongue color: the color of the tongue can vary from pale (almost white) to pink to red or even purple. Each of these shows something about the body’s thermal nature.

Most people will have a normal pink tongue; less common is the bright red tongue. But, if a tongue is bright red and accompanied by a lack of a coating and night sweats, this usually points towards a endocrine deficiency instead of a microbiome disorder.

If that’s you, you can still use natural medicines to help (doctors of Chinese Medicine are great for this) but at Chorus we’re focused specifically on the microbiome profiles we mentioned above.