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Brehan Crawford L.Ac

"Brehan teaching practitioners alongside the brilliant Meg Hodge"


Brehan graduated Chinese medicine school and completed a 5-year residency focussing on gut-brain axis diseases. He has developed innovative and effective approaches to using botanical medicine.

He teaches Chinese Medicine practitioners about treating complex diseases, particularly parasitic infections of the gut-brain axis.

(Brehan teaching medical practitioners)


Brehan is respected for his kind and caring treatment of patients with long-term health issues. Outside work, he's a family man who enjoys singing, cooking, hiking, and martial arts. 

(Brehan and his daughter on a hike)


 (Brehan has a large following on Tik Tok where he teaches people not to need him.) 


 Andrew Miles L.Ac DOM

(Andrew as a guest on Abel James' "Fat Burning Man" Podcast.)


Andrew Miles grew up with a Taiwanese step dad using Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been working in the field professionally since 2003.

(Andrew with his Mom and Step Dad at a Taiwanese bible study retreat in Estes Park. Early 90's)

He has taught seminars on the gut-brain axis and chronic illness. His protocols are now used in over 2,000 clinics in over 20 countries. 

(Andrew teaching practitioners)

Since 2017, he has been hosting the Botanical Biohacking podcast, sharing his knowledge about TCM. He has also taught and led medical exchanges in China, bringing together Eastern and Western medicine practices. He is the author of "The Fibro Bible" and  "Enlightenweight, Cultivating the Garden Within." Andrew has worked in private practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist in the United States and has had several roles as a consultant in TCM pharmaceutical companies within China and East Africa.

Pro bono medical work with MDs in rural China.


His educational background includes extensive training in Chinese martial arts, breath work, and acupuncture from universities in the U.S., Canada, and China. Andrew takes an educational approach to medicine ideally teaching people to become self sufficient. 


(Andrew's boys call him "Uncle Brehan" )


Chorus is based on a 700 year old formula. It's what we most frequently use to stabilize the gut. We see it as a sacred duty and a calling to share this. We want to be good neighbors Mr. Rogers style and help you if we can. We have devoted our lives to helping nice people like you and we want to share what we are best at to make your life more beautiful and earn your trusted referrals.