Chorus Comprehensive Microbiome Assessment

Chorus Comprehensive Microbiome Assessment

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This is a comprehensive questionnaire used by some of the most effective practitioners for gut-brain medicine

It helps you identify imbalance in 3 major microbiomes of the body: The respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urogenital microbiomes

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Gut-Brain Axis Reset

Formulated with Botanicals that Support:

Brain cell generation

Increased metabolism

Gut Barrier Integrity

Digestive Health

Anti anxiety effects

Dermatological Health

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I haven’t eaten ice cream or pork in years. Probably 9 due to debilitating migraines.... I ate both this past weekend with my Chorus Caps and did not have any migraine. No pain. Nothing!!! Sooo cool!!! I ate einkorn flour too (a relative of wheat). No reaction. Normally I get super grumpy and try to break up with my husband and have terrible intestinal pain as if barbed wire were moving through me. Nope. Not this t


"I like Pizza and Beer, but since I've been on medications, they no longer like me. With Chorus I can eat the foods I love and still enjoy the effects of the medications"


"After surgery I was on antibiotics. The combination of new medications and antibiotics destroyed by gut. Chorus really helped give me my life back. I don't always have to take it now, but if I eat something I shouldn't I know I can take Chorus and still feel fine."

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  • European Union Organic
  • US Organic Certification
  • Kosher
  • Halal

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