Medications Save Lives, But Can Hurt Tummies.

Digestive distress is the number one side effect of medications. We help people like you continue to take necessary medications without the digestive upset and brain fog. Chorus capsules are based on a 700 year old digestive formula which has been adapted for the modern diet and cleared by our pharmacology department for use medications when taken with meals. This alone is enough to change lives for the better, but then we have a program for gut health included with every purchase so that you don't need our product in the long run and can enjoy total self sufficiency and improved quality of life. Chorus is a trillion microbiota singing in harmony. It is also our shared voices and experiences as we share these herbs and methods for gut health with those we care about most.

Why Choose Chorus?

  • Heritage Meets Science: With over 700 years of recorded use in East Asia, Chorus is backed by scientific testing for efficacy.

  • Drug-Herb Safety: Our pharmacology team meticulously screens for drug-herb interactions, ensuring you receive a safe, synergistic blend.

  • Uncompromised Quality: We commit to organic ingredients, verified through third-party testing for purity and quality
Empowering Knowledge

We don't just offer a solution; we also give you the tools and methods to heal yourself and those you love.

Personalized Support

You may also upgrade to 1:1 guidance tailored to your unique health journey.

Our Promise to You

If Chorus doesn't revolutionize your health within the first month, we insist you ask for a refund. We're that confident you'll love it!

Chorus isn't just a supplement; it's a commitment to your health, a promise of a better, more comfortable life while continuing your essential medications.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Join us on this journey. With Chorus, you're not just taking a supplement; you're embracing a life of balance, comfort, and vitality.

See you on the inside!