Poria and Gut health

Poria is a special kind of mushroom that grows peacefully on the roots of pine trees. It’s like a hidden treasure in the forest, waiting to share its healing magic. Once discovered, it's treated with care, dried, and prepared for use. This wonderful mushroom has been a friend to people in China for many centuries, helping them feel better when their tummies are upset.

1. Fighting the Puffiness:
Feeling puffy or bloated is uncomfortable, but Poria is here to help. It acts like a soft sponge, soaking up extra water in our body, helping us feel light and comfy again.

2. Calming the Mind:
Our friend Poria is not just a belly helper; it's also a mind soother. Whenever we feel too worried or can’t sleep, Poria helps calm our mind, making us feel peaceful and ready for sweet dreams.

3. Tiny Superheroes in Poria:

Poria is packed with tiny superheroes called polysaccharides and triterpenoids. They race through our body, protecting us from germs and other bad guys that want to make us feel sick.

4. Improved Skin

Poria appears to help improve skin health by way of the gut-skin axis.



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