How to take Chorus

Our standard recommendation (what it says on the bottle) is 2 capsules with every meal⁺⁺⁺.

But, we know you’ve probably been hurting for a long time. And with bloating, digestive upset and brain fog you probably want to get better as fast as you can.

We designed bottles of Chorus to last about two weeks (that would be 90 capsules) but like to give more than your average health company.

So we give you a bonus 50% for free (that’s 120 capsules) in your order. Here’s how to use it:

For the first week take 4 capsules with meals⁺. Make sure to do the tummy rub after eating to get the most powerful effect.

If you normally aren’t hungry for breakfast, take 4 capsules with some ginger tea and wait about 20 minutes. Most likely you’ll be ready for a little something. At Chorus, we’re fans of breakfast. Many traditions say it’s “the most important meal of the day.” And eating breakfast is associated with longer life, healthy weight, and more stable blood sugars⁺⁺.

As your tummy improves, you can go down to 2 capsules with meals ongoing⁺. But we also know that diets aren’t perfect. So if you’re going to a big family banquet, or out to eat, consider taking 4 capsules again to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

⁺talk with your doctor before taking any new supplement. Discontinue use if you have any adverse effects.


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⁺⁺⁺if you have a hard time swallowing capsules, you can open them into 2 oz of room temp or warm water, stir and drink.