How Chorus Plant Extracts Can Help with Tummy Troubles from Diabetes Medicine


Managing type 2 diabetes often involves medications like GLP-1 inhibitors. While effective, these medications can cause common digestive side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. The good news? Chorus plant extracts can help.

Understanding GLP-1 Inhibitors and Their Side Effects

GLP-1 inhibitors work by increasing insulin production and decreasing glucose production in the liver. They make food move more slowly from your stomach into your intestines; we call this “delayed gastric emptying,” which can lead to a range of digestive discomforts. But there's a natural solution: Chorus plant extracts.

The Power of Chorus Plant Extracts

Severeal plant extracts in Chorus Capsules, including citrus peel, peppermint, atractylodes lancea, and massa fermentata, offer a range of benefits that can help alleviate the digestive side effects of GLP-1 inhibitors.

  • Citrus Peel: Known for maintaining healthy digestion and protecting stomach mucosa, citrus peel can help manage the discomfort associated with slowed gastric emptying.

  • Peppermint: This soothing herb can reduce nausea and promote a healthy microbiome, helping to counteract some of the common side effects of GLP-1 inhibitors.

  • Atractylodes Lancea: This powerful plant extract can reduce Candida yeast and improve gastric emptying, potentially reducing the digestive side effects of GLP-1 inhibitors.

  • Massa Fermentata: Known for harmonizing digestion and promoting a healthy microbiome, massa fermentata can help restore balance to your digestive system when taking GLP-1 inhibitors.


Living with type 2 diabetes doesn't have to mean living with uncomfortable digestive side effects. With Chorus plant extracts, you can manage your symptoms naturally and effectively. Experience the power of citrus peel, peppermint, atractylodes lancea, and massa fermentata today.