Chorus History-700 Years In The Making

In the tapestry of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the figures of the past still hold significant relevance today. One such figure is Zhu Dan Xi, a renowned Chinese herbalist of the Yuan Dynasty. His work and theories around digestion are particularly pertinent when we consider the modern American diet, which, in many ways, mirrors the cosmopolitan and meat-rich diet of the Yuan Dynasty.

Zhu Dan Xi and the Yuan Dynasty Diet

The Yuan Dynasty was a period of culinary diversity, heavily influenced by Mongolian conquests. This era saw an increase in meat consumption, a shift from the traditionally plant-based Chinese diet. Zhu Dan Xi, living in this era of dietary transition, developed insightful theories on digestion and health that are surprisingly applicable to today’s Western diets.

The Modern American Diet: A Reflection of History

Today’s American diet is characterized by high meat consumption, processed foods, and a fast-paced lifestyle, leading to various digestive issues. This scenario closely resembles the dietary changes during the Yuan Dynasty, making Zhu Dan Xi’s work incredibly relevant.

Zhu Dan Xi’s Digestive Theories

Zhu Dan Xi was a proponent of balancing the body’s internal elements. He believed that excessive consumption of rich, fatty foods (like meats and dairy) could lead to an imbalance, causing digestive ailments. His approach to health focused on moderation and understanding the impact of diet on the body’s harmony.

Main influence: Bao He Wan: A Timeless Remedy

One of Zhu Dan Xi’s most famous contributions is the formulation of Bao He Wan, a herbal remedy designed to aid digestion. This formula contains a blend of herbs that work together to alleviate bloating, indigestion, and other gastrointestinal issues. Its efficacy in promoting digestive health makes it a valuable consideration for those following a modern American diet.

Andrew Miles L.Ac DOM is an American TCM doctor who adapted the formula during his clinical practice to fine tune it for the modern American diet and lifestyle incorporating ideas from the formula Yue Ju Wan as well as depression and anxiety play such a heavy role in modern illness. 

Since then the Chorus formula spread in popularity moving from colleague to colleague spreading to thousands of clinics in over 20 countries within a few years.

It was removing a huge variables in healing: Diet, stress, and drug side effects from medications.

For the first two weeks herbalist must regulate digestion before deeper work can be done. This was a predictable first step in the treatment process.

It became so predictable that we decided to give you the option to take it and try it for yourself.