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Unlock the Secrets of Holistic Health at the Gut-Brain Symposium in Los Cabos!

January 17-20, 2025 | Los Cabos, Mexico

Reconnect Your Mind, Body, and Spirit


To a life-changing four-day symposium in breathtaking Los Cabos, where world-renowned experts will explore the powerful connections between your gut and overall health. Experience a unique blend of scientific insights and holistic practices designed to rejuvenate your well-being and enrich your life.

An experience in healing:

Gain Insightful Knowledge: Learn from top experts about the vital connections between the gut-brain, gut-gut, and gut-skin axes.

Practical Techniques: Discover actionable methods for integrating qigong, diet, and mindfulness into your daily routine.

Exclusive Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals in the holistic health community.

Scenic and Serene Self Care: Refresh your mind and body in the stunning setting of Los Cabos.

Schedule Highlights

Day 1: Gut-Brain Axis

Expert Lectures: Mo Hourani MD on preventing dementia and promoting gut-brain health.

Dive into the neurology of the subconscious with Zen Koan-based dreamwork.

Interactive Qigong Sessions:

Group and partner exercises with top instructor Fabrice Piche.

Evening Social Hour: Relax with botanicals and meditation before getting the best sleep of your life.

Day 2: Gut-Gut Axis

In-Depth Lectures: Gut health basics with Jenaya Calderilla DO, and a renowned nutritionist on plant diversity and the microbiome.

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Evening Relaxation: Test your gut-brain fortitude with Mezcal and starlight

Day 3: Gut-Skin Axis

Health and Beauty Insights: Carter Gottlieb MD PhD Candidate on the connection between health and beauty along with facial care demonstration.

Facial Self-Massage and TCM Cosmetics: Professional skin care techniques before photo sessions to capture you looking your best with your new besties.

Day 4: Workshop action steps.

Morning Qigong and group development: Reflect on your journey and prepare for a new beginning.

With Your Hosts:

Andrew Miles DOM and Brehan Crawford MAcOM (the founders of Chorus)

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Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your health and deepen your understanding of the crucial links between your gut and overall wellness. Immerse yourself in a holistic journey that combines scientific expertise with practical wellness techniques, all set against the serene backdrop of Los Cabos.

PS: Limited seats available! Get you and your friends in for an experience of a lifetime.